Calling All Self-Proclaimed Bookworms

I love reading. Disclaimer that statement comes with exceptions. In my life I’ve probably read one textbook collectively of all the bits and pieces of the textbooks I was supposed to read. I also hate being forced to read a book, so therefore I pretty much despised any English class I’ve ever taken. The only exception to my exception is that my favorite book is The Great Gatsby. We had to read that for 11th grade English and it is the only assigned reading I have ever enjoyed, so that deserves an award. When it comes to pleasure reading though, I love lounging in the sun or cozying up in my dorm on a rainy day reading.

My latest obsession these past two summers (I usually am far too busy during the year to read between schoolwork and swimming) has been the Bridget Jones series.  It’s still a mystery as to how I, a 20 year old college student, still living with her parents, relate to a 50 year old singleton with 2 two kids, in the current book of the series I’m reading, so well, but so be it; they’re so good. If you want a book that will light a fire under your ass to conquer the world, please read Helen Fielding’s works of pure art and comedy. And if you’re too lazy to read, as I find myself during the school year, the movie adaptations are great. The third one starts Patrick Dempsey, how could you not love anything staring McDreamy!!

But I digress, the real reason I write today is that I need your help, readers (if there are any of you haha). I have been cursed with the absolute inability to sleep on planes, so reading suggestions for my nearing 7 hour plane ride are greatly appreciated. I thinking of doing a segment, “Where am I Reading?”, while I’m away? Maybe? In my immense boredom this summer, I’ve found myself going to the few coffee shops around town, ordering the cheapest cup o Joe on the menu (I’m poor) and reading for an hour or two. I love being left alone but I hate being alone, if that makes any sense. I love being surrounded by people but doing my own thing. I think that’s why cities attract me so much. The idea of being packed in such a small place with so many people, with the opportunity to do whatever you want whenever you want is very empowering. You’re never truly alone but at the same time no one cares enough to judge. If any of that made sense I’d be surprised, but there, you have a small glimpse now into my odd scatter brain.

Anyway, ready, set, suggest books!


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