Wednesdays at Waterstones

I am currently sitting in the heaven that is Waterstones Bookstore on Broad St. in Oxford. Think of Barns and Nobel with three more floors and an adorable cafe upstairs, on the “second floor”, which is actually the third floor I learned after wandering aimlessly around the second floor to find the cafe.



England has been incredible so far. The first day here I was in awe by how large yet beautiful the city is. It’s quite not as large and busy as New York City but you certainly don’t have to deal with the constant honking or sirens and abundant source of rude people. Not saying I don’t love New York because in terms of where I live it’s like an oasis but Oxford has already stolen my heart.

We’ve toured the city with our tutors and junior dean and have found our own little treasures. We start our evenings basking in the sun on the lawn drinking WHITE WINE ONLY, as MJK has made sure we are aware of. We run downstairs to the Beer Cellar, yes we have a fully stocked bar steps away on campus, and battle for the juke box with the other universities. We sit around the kitchen table talking and listen to music at the girls’ apartment screaming the song Waka Waka at the top of our lungs (s/o to Shakira). We strut our way down to Thirst where the 2-4-1 deals are deadly but the Bonnie’s always take over the dance floor. We head to Bridge where we showed off our interesting dance moves upstairs the other night.

Tomorrow we have our first high table meal which we have been prepped and polished for with etiquette classes and wine tastings. Then we jet off to London this weekend to be your basic tourists with our friend Big Ben and I’ll most likely end the night sobbing at the beauty of Phantom of the Opera at the West End.


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